UPDATE: Route 130 accident victim was 2013 LC Grad, Campbell County teacher

va state policeA fatal accident his morning on Route 130 in Amherst County, a little east of US 29 Business, took the life of a Madison Heights man. State Police say 23-year-old Brogan Franklin swerved in an attempt to avoid a deer, then crossed over the median and was struck by an oncoming SUV; he died at the scene. Lynchburg College says he was a 2013 graduate, and Campbell County Schools list him as a teacher at William Campbell Combined School.  Investigators say 25-year-old Amber N. Pueh of Amherst was driving the SUV, and she was not seriously hurt.


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CVCC Meets All Criteria Since Being Placed on Probation

CVCCCentral Virginia Community College has met all 87 criteria for the school’s compliance certification great news since it was placed on probation about 18 months ago. The accrediting agency instituted the probation in 2012 and lifted it in 2013…but a probation period delayed the reaffirmation of accreditation process. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges accepted CVCC’s quality enhancement plan with only a few recommendations last week. Loss of accreditation would mean loss of federal student aid and likely the closure of the college. The process for the school’s accreditation could beginning as early as the spring.

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CSX Conducting Test on James River Water

CSX_LogoSix months after a train derailment that thrust Lynchburg into a national debate over the nation’s growing oil-by-rail traffic. CSX has announced it will continue conducting test on water of the James River. Monthly visual checks and quarterly water quality tests are being used to monitor the effects of the derailment and oil spill. The train cars that overturned on April 30 were hauling Bakken crude. The James River Association, plans to unveil a campaign next month highlighting the dangers that hazardous material cargo present to the river. Sources say monitoring is expected to continue at least through summer 2015.

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The Shift YOUR Shopping Pledge 2014

buy local lynchburgHere at Buy Local Lynchburg we are building a tradition that strengthens local economies, expands employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more relaxed, fun, and rewarding shopping experience.
As customers, we collectively spend a large portion of our annual shopping budget between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. Thank you for joining us in shifting those dollars to locally owned, independent businesses.
Based on studies of similar efforts, we should generate 2-3 times as much economic activity in our community than if we spend our money at a national chain. Across North America that could mean billions of dollars of economic impact.
The retail merchants association and buy local Lynchburg would like to bring this benefit to our small area of the country with an initiative. Basically, we are encouraging you to take the pledge to “shift your shopping 20%” this holiday season to local and get entered to win.
Text the two words “IPLEGE20″ to 25399 each week from November 1st through January 3rd for a chance to win a local gift card each week from buy local Lynchburg and it’s many local businesses.
If you see our sign out in the community or in a store look to see if they are doing a “fishbowl drawing” promotion by taking the pledge at their store or restaurant. Many are doing it this way so there are several ways to win! Keep an eye out for signs or just ask and encourage them to participate.
So, shift your shopping 20% this holiday season and every one ins a winner. We encourage you to challenge co-workers and friends. Gather up your receipts at the end of the holiday shopping season and see just how well you did. Make some bets of your own…everyone likes healthy competition.
So thank you again for your support of this program and of the retail merchants association and buy local Lynchburg. Remember, that in order to keep educational programs like this, we need our local businesses to join our efforts. www.buylocallynchburg.com or by calling: 434-528-1462.

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Looseleaf Collections Starts Monday

City of LynchburgLoose leaf collection begins Monday in Lynchburg. Residents are asked to rake leaves curbside, but not to place them in the street. Leaf piles should be free of sticks, rocks and pine cones. City crews will vacuum leaves as promptly as possible. Bagged leaves may be placed at curbside for pick up during regular trash collection; however, you must use a prepaid City of Lynchburg Blue Bag. There is no charge for this service, and no phone call is necessary. For contact information visit: www.lynchburgva.gov.

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Nelson County Broadband to Have More Coverage

NelsonCountyThe Nelson County Broadband Authority has made a few changes AND are considering options that will provide more people with coverage. The Nelson County Times reports, Nelson County officials are looking into an expansion program for the network, where fiber-optic cable could be installed. The county has submitted a letter of interest to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development for a $200,000 grant to build three new installations. In the meantime, the $750 discount that some customers received for installations has been eliminated; the board voted on that measure this month.

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Appomattox to Locate Restaurants and Hotels Easier

Town of AppomattoxRestaurants and hotels will find it easier to locate in the Town of Appomattox, now that city council has voted to revise its economic development incentive policy. The original incentive policy seemed more restrictive of development, but on Tuesday, measures were taken to make it more business friendly by removing the industrial focus. According to the News & Advance, the two percent limit for capital investment was eliminated thereby opening consideration of businesses based on potential revenue. Incentives will include things like providing water and sewer; and provisions for infrastructure, such as sidewalks and roads.

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Bedford County Company Confident to Stop Spread of Ebola

Bedford CountyA Bedford County company is confident it can help stop the spread of Ebola in Africa if called upon to do so. ABC-13 reports that a NanoSeptic distributor, has met with the Ebola task force in Nigeria. The Bedford County company told the media outlet, that its virus killing mechanism would be effective against Ebola, but can’t do tests because only the government is allowed to have the virus for testing. According to the company’s website, a NanoSeptic surface is not a disinfectant or sanitizer. The purpose of the NanoTouch products is to reduce the likelihood that contaminants are transferred from one contact to the next.

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VDOT to Remove Deadly Guardrails

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)The Virginia Department of Transportation says crews will be removing tens of thousands of potentially deadly guardrails from all across state, possibly hundreds of them along roadways in Central Virginia. According to media outlets, VDOT has been installing new guardrails across the 10 counties that make up the Lynchburg district, for the past 2 ½ years. VDOT isn’t saying whether the guardrails are safe or unsafe; they’re simply saying that they’re not an approved product. Last week, a judge awarded a Virginia man 175-million dollars in his lawsuit against Trinity Industries. Now the Lynchburg office of VDOT will be examining over 200 pieces of guardrails or guard ends, after working with contractors to locate them.

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Bedford County School Board Makes Transition Easier

bedford county schools logoInstead of uprooting more than 70 Stewartsville Elementary students to a new school next year, the Bedford County School Board has opted for a less intrusive option. As part of the redistricting plan to move Body Camp Elementary when it closes, students will split up between three schools next year: Huddleston, Goodview and Moneta. The original plan readjusted Liberty attendance zone lines based on which side of Route 24 students lived on. But earlier this month, the board agreed that those lines not be changed; and voted instead, in favor of a revised plan, which means none of the Stewartsville students will have to move. The board is expected to decide whether to close Thaxton Elementary in the coming weeks.

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