Lynchburg police closed off Cobbs Street off Campbell Avenue for 11 hours yesterday to talk to a woman for a welfare check.  Neighbors said it began when the woman was nude outside the home arguing with someone, and police say she made threats toward them when they arrived. Lynchburg school buses taking kids home from school were rerouted during the standoff. An Emergency Custody Order expired as the situation was de-escalated and after 11 hours police left the area.  

Here is the news release from Lynchburg Police:

Welfare Check on Cobbs Street

LYNCHBURG, Va. – An eleven-hour attempt to check the welfare of a woman has concluded without incident.

This morning, at 10:04 a.m., the Lynchburg Police Department (LPD) responded to the 2500-block of Cobbs Street for a report of a disorderly female. When officers arrived, it was discovered that she had a non-violent misdemeanor warrant on file. The woman was uncooperative and made threats to the officers on scene from inside her residence. As a result, an Emergency Custody Order (ECO) was issued by a magistrate.

After hours of negotiation, the ECO expired before it could be served. Because the encounter de-escalated over time, an additional ECO was not obtained and all LPD personnel have cleared from the scene.