Some Lynchburg residents are behind bars for being on the Naughty List. Earlier this week, the Lynchburg Police Department’s Violent Crime Response Team conducted Operation Naughty List – a one-day operation to arrest violent offenders and suspected felons.   More than 50 law enforcement officers from several agencies arrested 20 people on 50 outstanding warrants.  Lynchburg Police partnered with the Sheriff’s office, State Police, US Marshals, and the FBI on the arrests. 

Here is the entire release from Lynchburg Police: Violent Crime Response Team and Operation Naughty List 

LYNCHBURG, Va. –  The Lynchburg Police Department (LPD) is committed to reducing violent crime in Lynchburg by partnering with our community and local, state, and federal law enforcement.  

On December 8, 2022, the LPD implemented a Violent Crime Response Team (VCRT).  The VCRT is a group led by LPD officers who are periodically assisted by the Virginia State Police to engage in proactive policing efforts addressing violent offenders while also increasing law enforcement presence in our community. 

Since implementation, the VCRT’s proactive work has led to six illegal firearms being seized and 19 individuals being arrested for 40 criminal offenses (19 felonies and 21 misdemeanors). 

On December 13, 2022, the LPD conducted Operation Naughty List.  This was an LPD-planned, one-day operation designed to arrest violent offenders, suspects wanted on pending felony and serious misdemeanor warrants, and to provide an increased law enforcement presence.  More than 50 law enforcement officers and professional staff from several local, state, and federal agencies were involved in this operation. 

As a result of Operation Naughty List, 20 individuals were arrested on 50 outstanding warrants. 

The LPD partnered with the Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services, Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police, United States Marshal’s Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Blue Ridge Regional Jail on this operation.  We are grateful for these long-standing partnerships.