Grease is the word this coming weekend in Bedford County — and even more so the day after Thanksgiving. The Bedford Regional Water Authority is distributing free grease buckets Saturday at any Food Lion in the county. The idea is to pour your holiday grease into that container — then turn it at the same location in the day after Thanksgiving. It’s an effort to keep all that Thanksgiving day grease from going down the drain, where it can create big problems down the line. WLNI’s Evan Jones has more:

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Avoid a Fatberg and Join Grease Friday with Bedford Water


​Don’t let your holiday season be ruined by backed up pipes and emergency plumber bills! Instead, join the Bedford Regional Water Authority and participate in Grease Friday to help save our community pipes.

Fats, rags, oils, and grease going down the drain is a major problem for our area. This can especially become worse around the holiday season with so many grease heavy meals being prepared.

“The term fatberg is now a real term in our society,” said Kandace Carter, Compliance Coordinator. “Fatbergs are massive lumps of congealed fat, wet wipes and other debris that get trapped in our sewer pipes and can literally weigh tons and be larger than buses. The closest known one to us is in Baltimore, where there was over a million gallon sewage spill that even caused toilets to explode with sewer. We want fatbergs to stay far away from our service area and Grease Friday is one step to help avoid that.”

Thankfully, the Authority is here to help save our pipes in just three easy steps!

  1. Cook and enjoy your Holiday Feast!
  2. Don’t pour your fats, oils, or grease down the drain! Instead, pour them into sealed containers (that the Authority will provide for FREE!).
  3. Bring them to one of the drop off locations on Grease Friday to safely and quickly dispose of your fats, oils, and grease!

Grease Bucket Giveaway: The Authority is giving away free grease buckets on Saturday, November 17 from 8am to noon at the following locations:

  • Forest: Kroger, 15069 Forest Road (off 221)
  • Town of Bedford: Longwood Avenue Shopping Center
  • Moneta: Food Lion, 14807 Moneta Road

Buckets can also be picked up at the Authority’s main office at 1723 Falling Creek Road Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Grease Friday: To dispose of your grease, just bring the bucket back to where you picked it up on Grease Friday (November 25) from 8am to noon.

Not only will this save pipes from being clogged with costly cleanup expenses, but this grease will be recycled! The grease will be donated to a local farmer whose stock see our waste as their feast. By participating in Grease Friday, you are not only helping save your pipes but also help provide for local livestock!​