More traffic signal problems at one of Lynchburg’s busiest intersections. City officials say a traffic light controller has malfunctioned where the expressway, Forest, Lakeside and Old Forest meet. New equipment has been ordered, but backups are likely until it is installed. This is the second such issue with traffic processors at that intersection in the last couple of weeks.

From the City of Lynchburg: Motorists traveling in the areas of Old Forest Road and Lakeside Drive may have noticed recent traffic backups. Late last week, the City’s Traffic Engineering Division was alerted to an issue with one of the traffic controller processors as well as a malfunctioning traffic detection camera. The equipment failures impacted traffic on Old Forest Road, Lakeside Drive and the Lynchburg Expressway. Although the signal crews were able to get the system repaired, they were unable to get the traffic system communications working, causing continued traffic backups. With the assistance from the Information Technology Department, that problem was corrected, and traffic flow was able to return to normal. Today, it was discovered that another piece of equipment had failed in the same area. The replacement equipment has been ordered and will be installed as soon as possible.  The City apologizes for the inconvenience and asks motorists to have patience as they travel through the area.