–1)–Tips For Power Outages From Local Power Provider:

The weight of ice from winter weather can break tree branches and can affect power and telephone lines. Such was not the case for most us across the region during this mornings sleet / freezing rain event. But too often a winter outage happens in our area; APCO advises residents to be prepared before the power goes out-and be safe.To view a map of reported power outages visit: appalachianpower.com

–2)–Power Outage Could Mean Going Cold…What To Avoid: During winter months, a loss of electric means a lack of heat. If a power outage occurs officials say refuel heaters, lamps, and generators outside, and stay away from any flames or sparks and to clean up spills immediately. Never operate lanterns, heaters, or fuel-fired stoves without proper ventilation. Finally–Never burn charcoal indoors because it releases poisonous carbon monoxide .For an outage source for emergency tips and safety measures visit: appalachianpower.com