FULL SHOW: The Morningline 04/13/21

Big 3 (or 2?): Minneapolis shooting may have been an accident, Lynchburg City Schools sending kids back to in-person classes 4 days a week starting today 6 AM Hour: Brian & Allen debate over the New York Times while discussing favorite movies themes and scores and we celebrate Thomas Jefferson, peach cobbler, Scrabble, and eating […]

FULL SHOW: The Morningline 04/12/21

Big 3: Minneapolis riots, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago speech, Lynchburg Police department vehicle collisions (yes, plural) 6 AM Hour: Good news! Shaq may buy your next engagement ring! Listeners weigh in on the Derek Chauvin trial, and we celebrate Brian’s big wind, grilled cheese sandwiches, and NOT licorice 7 AM: Brian Kilmeade discusses Trump’s comments at Mar-a-Lago; […]

Covering Our Community: Tim Brennan Beacon of Hope

Mari White and Rich Roth talk to Tom Brennan about Beacon of Light’s upcoming “Cornament”, a Cornhole tournament where companies including WLNI are going to be competing in this week’s Covering Our Community segment! WLNI · Covering Our Community: Tom Brennan 04/10/2021

Best of the Burg 04/10/2021

Mari White, Rich Roth, and Anthony McAvoy are joined by Lauren Bennett of CVFP to talk about their new show The Weekly Dose which debuts next week on WLNI, and Tom Brennan of Beacon of Hope comes on to talk about their upcoming “Cornament” where WLNI will be competing in their cornhole tournament!Podcast WLNI · […]

The Morningline 04/09/2021

Brian Weigand, Ashley Schamerhorn, Kenny Shelton, and Anthony McAvoy all team up for a special Friday episode of The Morningline! 6AM: The gang chats about Biden’s gun comments, update about the South Carolina Shooting, and Celebrate some pretty cool National Days! 7AM: Kenny joins the show as callers rush in to talk about some comments […]

FULL SHOW: The Morningline 04/08/21

Big 3: Recreational marijuana will be legal in Virginia on July 1st, update on the Chauvin trial, and a South Carolina shooting leaves 5 dead (including children) 6 AM Hour: Mari is on a well-deserved vacation! Brian and Ashley try to hold down the fort and discuss the legalization of marijuana, Joe Machin (the III!), […]

Jeff Helgeson discusses a proposed 5% salary increase for city employees

Lynchburg City Council has heard a proposal from staff that includes a 5% salary increase for all state-funded city positions. The proposal comes after the same report projected an increase in city revenues of more than $3M for fiscal year 2022. Raises to city staff would eliminate the more than $280,000 currently budgeted to only […]

Steve Newman weighs in on July 1st date for VA legalization of marijuana

The recreational use of marijuana will become legal in Virginia on July 1st, 2021. Governor Ralph Northam approved amendments to Senate Bill 1406 and House Bill 2312 on Wednesday making Virginia the first Southern state to legalize the possession and use of marijuana by adults. As of July 1st, adults can grow up to four […]

The Morningline 04/07/2021

Mari, Brian, and Anthony discuss COVID, The Georgia Voting Laws, and The New York Doormen 6AM: Mari, Brian, and Anthony talk COVID and the Georgia Voting Laws. 7AM: Mari, Brian, and Anthony discuss The New York Doormen, as well as chat with Delegate Kathy Byron about the Veto Session that is currently happening in the […]