GOP: Northam should stay out school reopening decisions

Virginia Republicans say they intend to address public education when the General Assembly reconvenes next month in special session – even if Governor Northam has not called for any consideration on that subject. Republicans say any steps that keep students out of school for any number of days puts them at a permanent disadvantage behind […]

Gerontology expert says continued isolation can harm seniors as much as help

The oldest among us – and their families – face serious questions over how much they should remain isolated over COVID concerns. A Virginia Tech gerontology expert says lengthy isolations may create as many or more risks than they avoid. Ila Schepisi is a senior instructor at Virginia Tech and Director of its Adult Day […]

GOP: Northam wrong to threaten pulling business licenses

Virginia Republicans says Governor Northam is going about it all wrong when he threatens to pull licenses from businesses that do not enforce his COVID-19 regulations. Northam said yesterday that a recent surge in case counts led to his warning. But Franklin County State Senator Bill Stanley joined other Republican legislative leaders in saying Northam […]

Northam: The most important guideline all public schools must follow

Governor Northam says his administration is leaving it up to local school boards to decide how many classes are taught in person or on line. The governor says unlike his statewide COVID-related regulations, public education is not an area where one size fits all, but one guideline in particular remains constant.  More from WLNI’s Evan […]

Northam orders stronger enforcement of state COVID restrictions

Governor Northam says Virginia must strongly enforce COVID-19 restrictions to slow and reverse a recent increase in cases, especially in the Hampton Roads region. Northam has directed state health officials to implement stronger enforcement procedures, particularly against businesses like restaurants. He has also directed the ABC to ready an order that will call for an […]

The big question: should remote learning be mandatory or optional?

The union representing tens of thousands of Virginia Teachers says health and safety must be top priorities in deciding how schools open in person, on line, or both.  But supporters of five-day in-person instruction say anything less will put all Virginia students behind the education curve. WLNI’s Evan Jones has more: 07-13 Reopening Schools Wrap-WLNI […]

Jerry Falwell, Jr. joins call to change Lynchburg city name

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Junior says he supports calls to change the name of Lynchburg. The city was named after its founder, John Lynch, but Falwell says it is too often thought to derive from the act of lynchings. An on-line petition is calling upon Lynchburg leaders to change the city’s name; Falwell says […]

16 new COVID cases reported in Lynchburg region

The Virginia Department of Health reports 16 new confirmed or “probable” COVID-19 cases in the Lynchburg region, bringing the total to 461. The VDH attributes 177 cases to Lynchburg, an increase of eight, Amherst County holds steady at 38, two new cases in Appomattox County for a cumulative total of 46, 144 cases in Bedford […]

Virginia clears its years-long rape test kit backlog

Virginia no longer has a backlog of untested rape test kits used to collect and test DNA samples from sexual assault victims, and advocates for those victims say it is about time. Attorney General Mark Herring says more than 2600 of these kits were sitting in storage when he took office — never tested — […]

COVID cases in Lynchburg region approach 450

The total number of confirmed at “probable” cases of COVID-19 is nearing 450 in the Lynchburg region. “Probable” cases are defined as those for which patients are showing clear symptoms of the virus but have not yet had test results confirmed. The Virginia Department of Health assigns 169 cases to Lynchburg, 38 in Amherst county, […]