A look inside one of Amazon’s warehouses in Virginia

CHESTER, Va. (AP) — The giant Amazon warehouse in Chesterfield County is constantly bustling with activity. At about 1.2 million square feet — roughly the size of 28 football fields — the fulfillment center stores, packages and ships what Amazon officials would only describe as “tens of millions” of products. More than 10 miles of conveyor belts weave through the building.

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Analyst: Politics possibly hurting FBI, Justice Department credibility

Allegations from both sides of the aisle could be causing people to lose faith in American institutions like the FBI and Justice Department. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

05-17 DC Politics WLNI-WRAP

Higher Education Act changes highlighted by Kaine commencement

A Virginia U.S. Senator with an active role in reauthorizing the Higher Education Act used a commencement address at Old Dominion University over the weekend to highlight some changes he wants to make. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

05-13 Higher Education Act WLNI-WRAP

Analysis: Facetious Trump tweet sends clear public message

A tweet from Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. earlier this week about President Trump getting “bonus time” was facetious and not to be taken seriously. At least that’s what our political analyst tells WLNI’s Ian Price:

05-10 Falwell Tweet WLNI-WRAP

From Jerry Falwell Jr.’s official Twitter account



Warner says foreign interaction with campaigns should be reported

Sen. Mark Warner

Virginia’s Mark Warner is one of the Democratic Senators sponsoring legislation along with Republicans co-sponsoring legislation to protect the integrity of U.S. elections. But it may not be the last election interference related legislation from Virginia’s Senior Senator, as WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

05-09 Election Legislation WLNI-WRAP

Cohen claims he helped keep embarrassing Falwell Jr. photos hidden

(Liberty University photo)

Now behind bars, President Trump’s former “fixer” and personal attorney says he helped Liberty University’s President deal with stolen “personal photos” shortly before the evangelical leader endorsed Trump’s 2016 campaign. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

05-08 Falwell Photos WLNI-WRAP

Reuters reports that this incident happened shortly before Falwell endorsed Donald Trump’s Presidential bid.

AG Barr’s absence criticized by Virginia US Senator

Contempt proceedings against US Attorney General William Barr have been threatened but are still up in the air. Meanwhile, Virginia’s lawmaker in the Senate Intelligence Committee says Barr seemed to create a smokescreen for President Donald Trump. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

05-07 Warner on Barr WLNI-WRAP

Ride Solutions free app for carpooling, biking and more

Connecting people to others say they carpool and bike together in central and Southwest Virginia is the focus of the new “Ride Solutions” app. It’s free as WLNI’s Ian Price explains:

05-01 Ride Solutions WLNI-WRAP



STUDY: Virginia not as reliant as other states on gun industry

In the midst of an NRA leadership battle and Presidential tweets accusing New York of illegally investigating the organization, a recent study sheds light on how dependent Virginia is on the gun industry. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

04-30 NRA Guns States WLNI-WRAP

For full Wallethub study results click HERE

Ashanti Act passed, but Warner says DOJ needs to implement

President Trump signed it into law months ago, but Virginia Senator Mark Warner says it’s taking the Justice Department too long to implement the Ashanti Act. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

04-29 Ashanti Act WLNI-WRAP