Report: Odds stacked against Virginia’s young adult parents

A new report released today underlines the need for support programs for young parents in Virginia. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

09-25 Young Parents WLNI-WRAP

STUDY: Hike expected in Virginia’s 85+ population

A national report from AARP predicts major increases in the future population of older people – which increases the overall need for care – but many states, including Virginia, have assisted-living facilities that are out of reach of most seniors’ budgets. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

09-21 Older Population WLNI-WRAP

Poll results highlighted ahead of tonight’s Senate town hall

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart is praising some polls for projecting him a lot closer to Incumbent Tim Kaine than most other polls. But our political analyst says take that with a grain of salt, as WLNI’s Ian Price reports:

09-20 GOP Poll WLNI-WRAP

STUDY: Virginia does more than most to stop bullying

Virginia is ranked 45th on a study of states with the biggest bullying problems. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

09-19 Anti-Bullying State WLNI-WRAP 2

Full study results can be viewed by clicking here

GOP Sen. candidate accuses incumbent of politicizing Florence

The Republican challenger to U.S. Senator Tim Kaine is questioning the timing of a recent trip the incumbent made ahead of Hurricane Florence. WLNI’s Ian Price has that story:

09-18 FEMA Photo-Op WLNI-WRAP

Official defends early cancellations ahead of Hurricane Florence

While some may argue that the school dismissals and event postponements in anticipation of Hurricane Florence were done prematurely — a state official would disagree. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

09-13 VA DEM Update WLNI-WRAP

FEMA vacancies could threaten Hurricane Florence clean-up

As Hurricane Florence nears land, a disaster recovery expert at Virginia Tech says that response and recovery efforts could be challenging due to vacancies in FEMA. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

09-12 FEMA Recovery WLNI-WEB-WRAP

Appalachian Power prepares for Hurricane Florence

Appalachian Power is preparing to respond to power outages after Hurricane Florence makes landfall later this week. WLNI’s Ian Price with more:

09-11 AEP Prep WLNI-WRAP

U.S. Senate candidate proposes new holiday, “Tax Freedom Day”

Photo: Matt Waters Facebook

A third-party U.S. Senate candidate is suggesting a national holiday he would call Tax Freedom Day. Details from WLNI’s Ian Price:

09-05 Tax Freedom Day WLNI-WRAP

POLL: Virginians feeling fortunate, political divide peaks

The latest Roanoke College Consumer Sentiment poll leads analysts to believe that respondents are toeing the party line when asked about the economy. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

09-04 Party Dictated WLNI-WRAP

Full poll results can be found by clicking here