Government shutdown also effecting researchers at Virginia Tech

Federal employees are not the only ones feeling the effects of the partial government shutdown. Researchers at Virginia Tech are also dealing with funding issues, as WLNI’s Ian Price reports:

01-18 Shutdown Virginia Tech WLNI-WRAP

STUDY: Maryland affected more than Virginia by shutdown

A study of the states most affected by the partial government shutdown has Virginia ranked 6th. Which might surprise some, as WLNI’s Ian Price reports:

01-10 Shutdown VA WLNI-WRAP

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VA Senators call for shutdown to end ahead of President’s address

Virginia’s U.S. Senators joined some of their Democratic colleagues in addressing the chamber in response to President Trump’s live Oval Office address last night about border security. WLNI’s Ian Price has details:

01-09 Warner Shutdown WLNI-WRAP

VA Senator discusses 5G security risks on Canadian TV

Virginia Senator Mark Warner recently made an appearance on TV in Canada to warn that allowing certain Chinese companies to sell products there could be a security threat here in the United States. WLNI’s Ian Price has details:

01-07 Huawei Wrong Way WLNI-WRAP-WEB

The letter Warner mentions in the story was co-written with Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Pro-marijuana group believes decriminalization is DOA in Virginia this year

A bill to decriminalize simple marijuana possession in Virginia has been submitted to the General Assembly, but marijuana advocates think its chances are slim at best. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

01-03 Decriminalization Declined WLNI-WRAP

Radford ranked among best college cities and towns

For the first time, one nearby college town has been included on a list of the best university towns and cities. WLNI’s Ian Price has details:

12-26 Radford College City WLNI-WRAP

Federal government shutdown blame game involves VA Senator

As of midnight Saturday, a partial government shutdown went into effect – one that could last until 2019. WFIR’s Ian Price has more:

12-24 Partial Shutdown WRAP

STUDY: Top 5 Christmas destinations not far from Lynchburg

If you plan on traveling for Christmas – or you might be thinking about a last-minute getaway – it might help to know that a study has ranked the top places for Christmas celebrations in the country and they aren’t that far from our area. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

12-20 Christmas Destinations WLNI-WRAP

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Farm Bill looks to end hemp prohibition

President Trump is reportedly close to signing a Farm Bill that’s passed both chambers of Congress. Which one lawmaker in Virginia says is good for the Commonwealth, as WLNI’s Ian Price reports:

12-19 Farm Bill Warner WLNI-WRAP


ANALYST: Stewart’s step back from statewide races not surprising

Photo: Corey Stewart Facebook

Well-known Republican candidate Corey Stewart has said he’s not running for any statewide races in the near future, which is no surprise to WLNI’s political analyst. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

12-18 Denton-Stewart WLNI-WRAP