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Ian Price

With Father’s Day this weekend, a study shows that Virginia is a much better state for working dads than for working moms. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

06-14 Working Dads WLNI-WRAP

Full results to the Wallet Hub study looking at the “best states for working dads” can be found by clicking here

You can see the full results for the “best states for working moms” study by clicking here

Calls for the unredacted Russia report have cooled a bit since Robert Mueller’s news conference earlier this week. Regardless, a Congressman from our area says the release of the full report would be illegal. However, statements from Mueller this week don’t fit with U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the report. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

05-31 Cline on Barr WLNI-WRAP