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Jim Kent

Jesse Matthew (FBI Photo)

Jesse Matthew
(FBI Photo)

Jesse Matthew, the man accused of abducting missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, has a court appearance in Charlottesville scheduled for later this week. The FBI says a chartered plane returned Matthew to Charlottesville Friday evening. Authorities in the Galveston, Texas area arrested him last week.

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Bob and Maureen McDonnell (Associated Press photo)

Bob and Maureen McDonnell
(Associated Press photo)

A new Roanoke College poll finds that 56 percent of Virginians think Bob McDonnell should serve prison time for his convictions on public corruption charges. Harry Wilson, Director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research, says fewer than a third of those responding felt that the public humiliation is enough punishment. At the same time, the poll found nearly three-quarters of Virginians didn’t think McDonnell’s conduct was unusual for a public official. The former governor and his wife are set to be sentenced in January.

Ed Tinsley

Ed Tinsley

Ed Tinsley was a 32-year-old  Virginia State Trooper when the remnants of Hurricane Camille dumped 27 inches of rain on Nelson County, resulting in flooding that swept away whole families. That was August 19, 1969. Tinsley has vivid memories of washed out roads, poor communications and the search for survivors. He says about 125 people were killed, and many of those bodies were never found. The now-retired Tinsley will show pictures of the Nelson County flood and talk about his experiences at the Lynchburg Museum on Court Street Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock.

Tinsley talks about his experiences as a first-responder during the flood.08-11 camille flood WEB-WEB

Virgainia Department of Emergency ManagementThis is Hurricane Preparedness Week in Virginia, one in which many items that would be helpful in coping with a severe storm’s effects are tax-free in the state. State officials urge you to be prepared for hurricane season, which starts next Sunday and runs through November. David Watson with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management says this week’s tax-free holiday is a good time to get ready:

05-26 hurricane prep-WEB

Click here for full information, including the full list of items you can buy this week tax-free in Virginia.