Breaking down the hot topics of the day

Brian Kilmeade, from the Brian Kilmeade Show and Fox & Friends, discusses A.G. Barr’s appearance on Capitol Hill today and Regis Philbin. Brian Kilmeade (072820)

Let the games begin in Lynchburg

Dan Foutz, President of Va. Amateur Sports, discusses the Virginia Commonwealth Games returning to Liberty University this weekend as they deal with the trying Covid-19 times. Dan Foutz (Commonwealth Games 072320)

A new store opening at River Ridge today

Katie Farris from River Ridge shares today’s excitement with the opening of the store “Philanthropy” and what makes it unique. River Ridge Philantrophy (071420)

Area TV station changing frequency by July 3

Jean Kiddoo, Chair of the Incentive Auction Task Force at the FCC,  talks about the upcoming rescan for over-the-air television viewers in the area. Jean Kiddoo interview (070220)