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archaeology_DSC04359Stop by Old City Cemetery to watch archaeologists at work and share their discoveries on Saturday, April 11, 2015, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Professional archaeologists will continue their excavations in the Confederate Section of the Cemetery to uncover the 140 previously unmarked graves of “Yankee Square.” The plot was opened in 1862 for Union prisoners of war and Confederate disease victims.
This is the third year archaeologists have been working in Yankee Square. They found 40 unmarked graves in 2013, and 43 last spring. This project has received national attention, including a special feature on in May 2014.

Archaeologists are trying to identify a pattern in the location of the graves, which will hopefully match the layout of “Yankee Square” as described in the records of Lynchburg’s Civil War undertakers David and George Diuguid. Their goal is to identify each grave so they can be marked in a permanent way.

The Diuguids opened Yankee Square on June 30, 1862, for the burial of Union prisoners of war. By late August 1862 it was redesignated exclusively for Confederate soldiers who died of disease in local hospitals. Almost all of them died of smallpox in the nearby “Pest House.” Yankee Square was filled to capacity and closed in April 1863, with a total of 143 soldiers in six rows of about 30 graves each.

The Civil War Archaeology Open House is free and open to the public. Meet just inside the archway of the Confederate Section.

Backyard Bird Nests
Saturday, March 21
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Old City Cemetery Museums & Arboretum
401 Taylor Street
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501

Bird enthusiast Sandra Weigand will discuss how to identify nests and the birds who make them, using a special exhibit of bird nests on display in the Cemetery Center.

Sandra will also share her knowledge of ways to attract birds and how you can contribute to their wellbeing. If you have any nests to share or any particular questions that day, we hope to be able to answer them!

Located in the heart of Lynchburg, the 27 acres of Old City Cemetery are an urban bird sanctuary that provide habitat for many native species. The Lynchburg Bird Club has recorded over 75 species here throughout the year.

The event is located in the Cemetery Center, free and open to the general public. For more information about the event, please contact Karen Bracco at (434)847-1465 or . bird at city cemetary

City of LynchburgA choco-packed event will be held for a good cause tomorrow. Campbell County Literacy Volunteers are hosting the annual Chocoholic Frolic on Friday. This choco-filled event offers three options to participate. Be a Baker: and bring a favorite home-baked, chocolate dessert to the respective library by 11:00 a.m. — A Taster : sample an array of homemade goodies and vote for your favorite—OR a Valentine: take some treats home to your Valentine! Proceeds will support the Adult Literacy Program. Chocoholic Frolic will be held from noon until 2pm at the Rustburg Main Library and the Timbrook Library on Timberlake Road.

Madison HeightsCertain motels in Madison Heights have long unsettled county officials due to the unsavory activities taking place now they’re subject to health inspections. Two homicides have occurred in the past 18 months one at the Executive Inn the other at Bestway Inn, which also, was the site of an alleged meth lab operation. Sources say the number of emergency responses to Americas Best Value Inn, also exceeds those of other motel properties. The Amherst County Board of Supervisors, last week, passed a resolution authorizing a request for the state Board of health commissioner to inspect the county’s motels investigating state code compliance.

pittsylvania countyA Pittsylvania County judge, last week, certified a felony charge against a woman accused of shooting a man in the thumb. Fourty-four year old Kristie Ruth Privette, of Hurt is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon accused of maliciously shooting Nathaniel Booth, on Nov. 29, 2014– Privette had faced reckless handling of a firearm and shooting into an occupied dwelling charges, but the judge discharged both of those felonies, after a defense motion asserting that no malice was involved in the shooting. The victim told prosecutors, he was shot in the thumb while he tried grabbing the barrel of the gun from Privette’s hand.

Amherst CountyOrganizers of a petition drive are hopeful that one day the Amherst County School Board will be an elected body. The deadline is fast approaching for the Amherst Education Association to turn in signatures from 10 percent of registered voters in Amherst County by the end of the month–The association began circulating petitions last summer acquiring between 12-hundred and 15-hundred signatures, but the minimum is 2,100 in order to have the referendum placed on the November ballot. Some petitions have not been returned; and organizers are optimistic they’ll have the numbers once all are in. Outstanding petitions should be returned before February 28th.

Town of AppomattoxThe recently appointed Town Manager in Appomattox has resigned. He was just named to the job in December but on Monday, Town Council accepted Johnnie Roark’s letter of resignation. In the letter, Roark says he is leaving for personal reasons. According to the News & Advance, he will remain the director of community development for Appomattox County, the position he held prior to being named town manager. Council doesn’t plan to re-advertise the position for about a year. Bill Gillespie will once again serve as interim town manager in the meantime.

City of LynchburgRecent rezoning requests have sparked a debate about future plans for Timberlake Road area. The Campbell County Planning Commission last week delayed a vote to rezone for an apartment complex; and outright rejected a request for a property access road to condominiums. Some fear development would only increase the amount of run-off and further the water damage already occurring on existing properties other concerns include declining property values and the worry that increased traffic along Timberlake and Waterlick Roads would only fuel the traffic problem at one of the most problematic intersections in the county. The commission can delay a vote for two months, the Board of Supervisors up to a year.

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