UPDATE: After assessing 50 structures in the Crockett Road area of Goode following Friday morning’s severe weather, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) says 15 structures received varying levels of damage. Of those 15 structures, three were destroyed.

VDEM and other agencies are working cooperatively to capture the extent of the damage using Crisis Track, a disaster management software. The total footprint of the affected area is about 2.4 miles.

First responders have now completed secondary searches of all structures that were impacted and have not found anyone. There have also been no reports of any missing individuals in the affected area. First responders are continuing to attempt to contact property owners by phone to assess the need for any resources in the future.

There were no fatalities connected to this severe weather event; two people received minor injuries. Initially, there were three reports of minor injuries, but we have since learned that was a miscommunication.

The Bedford County Department of Fire and Rescue has started to release operational personnel with the exception of crews that will remain in the area to clear downed trees and debris. AEP and VDOT are working together to address these issues. A preliminary report from AEP estimates that those without power in the area will have their power restored in 24 to 48 hours.

The temporary shelter at the Bedford County Fire and Rescue, Goode Station (9261 Forest Road) will remain open for residents who need assistance until 6pm. After that time, residents can call 1-855-891-7325 to be connected with resources.

If residents need bottled water or pre-made meals over the next 24 hours, they can call 540-586-7665 to be connected with assistance.

EARLIER: Goode, VA—At approximately 7:30am during a tornado warning that was issued for the area, several residential neighborhoods suffered catastrophic structural damage in the Crockett Road area of Goode in Bedford County.

At this point, there have been no reports of any fatalities. There has been one report of a minor injury.

First responders are continuing extensive search and rescue operations to make sure every residence is thoroughly searched. They are also working to determine the footprint of the damage.

A temporary shelter has been set up at the Bedford County Fire and Rescue, Goode Station (9261 Forest Road) for those who have been displaced from their homes as a result of this incident. If any displaced residents need assistance traveling to the shelter, they are asked to call 540-586-7665.

Residents are asked to avoid the area. Bethany Church Circle is closed.

Photo courtesy WDBJ 7