The Best of The Burg

The Best of the Burg 04/24/2021

Rich Roth, Ashley Schamerhorn, and Anthony McAvoy talk with Kenny Shelton who is live at Kubota of Lynchburg for their Field Day Event, which sparks the conversation of what is the craziest thing that you have ever driven, Joy Cover of Freedom 4/24 to talk about their event that had just wrapped up as well as Freedom 4/24!

The Best of the Burg 04/17/2021

Mari White, Rich Roth, and Anthony McAvoy talk about love languages and talk to Mike Cook and Monique Minnick about their new show, Learn It, Live It, Lead It which debuts later today on WLNI, as well as speaking with Pam DeCamp of the Virginia Legal Aid Society!

Best of the Burg 04/10/2021

Mari White, Rich Roth, and Anthony McAvoy are joined by Lauren Bennett of CVFP to talk about their new show The Weekly Dose which debuts next week on WLNI, and Tom Brennan of Beacon of Hope comes on to talk about their upcoming “Cornament” where WLNI will be competing in their cornhole tournament!Podcast