Ever since Virginia’s speed limit was raised to 70, the state’s reckless driving law has remained unchanged, keeping the threshold at 80. That may change this year, as WLNI’s Evan Jones reports:

01-28 Reckless Driving Wrap-WLNI-WEB

State Senator David Suetterlein has introduced bills for five years in a row that would raise the reckless driving to anyone ticketed above 85. He says it’s hard to find anyone who really thinks it should kick in if you’re stopped for doing 81 where the speed limit is 70.

Opponents include Senator David Marsden, who says higher speed limits — and higher reckless driving thresholds — make highways more dangerous:

As it has done in recent years, the Senate approved the bill, which always then died in a House committee. But there is a different makeup now in the General Assembly, and a companion measure is advancing in the House.