Scott Brabrand

Lynchburg Schools Superintendent Scott Brabrand is leaving the Hill City to head the school system in Fairfax County, just outside Washington. Brabrand has served as Lynchburg superintendent for the last five years. It’s a return home of sorts for him; Brabrand was an assistant superintendent in Fairfax County before coming to Lynchburg. He will lead Virginia’s largest school division, one with more than 180,000 students.

Lynchburg City Schools released the following today from Superintendent Scott Brabrand:  It is with mixed emotions that I share with you my pending appointment as Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools. I thank you for the privilege and honor of serving you for the past five years.  Together we accomplished many things.  We developed a new Comprehensive Plan around Achievement, Behavior Culture, Operations, and Personnel, created a new mission of “Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation,”​  instituted a new Capital Improvement Plan that included the successful construction of a new Heritage High School and brought a renewed focus on employee compensation after years with no raises. There are many things still left to do. The focus on equity for the students in the Lynchburg City Schools must continue to be a priority.  So too must our focus on a growth mindset of “getting better at getting better.”  We must also continue to celebrate our accomplishments while we acknowledge our challenges. It is hard to leave.  My family and I have made so many friendships in this community that is so generous and warm.  Yet, as any Lynchburger knows, it is hard to resist the call of home.  Fairfax is where I started my educational career over 23 years ago, and it is where I wish to complete it.  My professional life has come full circle. I can tell you I tried every day to do my best to leave Lynchburg City Schools better than I found it.  In my heart, I believe this is true. Best wishes to you all.  Keep students’ hopes, dreams, and education at the center of all you do. That truly is The Main Thing.