Kim Payne
Kim Payne

News release: Lynchburg City Manager, Kimball Payne will announce his retirement today in a letter to City Council. Payne has served in the position for 15 years and was appointed by City Council to replace the late Charles Church. His retirement date is June 30, 2016. In the letter to City Council, Payne states, “It has been my privilege to serve the Lynchburg community for 15 years as City Manager. I have had the opportunity to work for elected officials who have shared a strong commitment to making the City a better place to live for all of its residents. I have grown both personally and professionally through this experience. It is time, however, for me to seek new experiences.”

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Payne worked previously as the County Administrator for Spotsylvania County and is a retired Naval Reserve Officer. During his tenure with the City of Lynchburg, he has been a strong supporter of downtown revitalization and has helped usher in a renaissance in the Central Business District. He was also responsible for several community building initiatives including the Dialogue on Race and Racism.

According to Mayor Michael Gillette, the City Manager has provided exemplary service to the city of Lynchburg. “Much of our success, especially when we have faced difficult economic times, has been due to his steady and intelligent leadership,” stated Mayor Gillette.  “Kim has demonstrated strong management, thoughtful planning and extraordinary professionalism.  The City has been fortunate to have benefited from Kim’s exceptional conscientiousness, vision and integrity.  While we are certainly sorry to see his career with the City come to an end, we wish him a rewarding and well deserved retirement.”

“I’ve enjoyed serving this community,” said Payne. “My proudest accomplishment is providing the support and environment for an incredibly dedicated group of City employees who are committed to our mission of efficient, effective and equitable service delivery and community building. I am proud of their collective accomplishments in making Lynchburg a better place for all of its residents and visitors. I love this city, and it truly is a great place to live, work, play and retire!”

In the coming weeks, City Council will discuss what processes they will undertake to find Payne’s replacement.