Savannah Simmons
Edward Ferron

Attorneys for Walker Sigler say a federal lawsuit against two Lynchburg police officers has been resolved. The statement does not provide any details, but it suggests the settlement is substantial, saying the resolution reflects the seriousness of events and the gravity of Sigler’s injuries and losses. Officers Edward Ferron and Samantha Simmons shot Walker inside his home in February of 2018, and he later sought $12 million in damages. Ferron and Simmons entered guilty pleas in March of this year to reduced charges in a plea agreement with prosecutors.

From Attorneys John E. Lichtenstein and Greg Lyons: “Walker Sigler’s lawsuit in the United States District Court brought allegations of the violation of his constitutional civil rights and violations of state law. Following extensive negotiations, the issues addressed by this lawsuit have been resolved by the parties in a manner which reflects the seriousness of these events and the gravity of Mr. Sigler’s and his family’s injuries and losses.

“This was an important case for Mr. Sigler and his family, and, they believe, for the whole community.  Mr. and Mrs. Sigler express their most sincere thanks and appreciation to the Lynchburg and wider community for the support they have received during this most difficult experience.  Challenges remain. And they look forward with hope.”