The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating recent larcenies of bank notes/checks.  The following information was obtained as a result of this investigation.

Beginning approximately October 21, 2021, and continuing into the following weeks multiple checks have been stolen from local Campbell County businesses, as well as from businesses in surrounding jurisdictions. It appears the same suspects involved with these crimes are also responsible for the manufacturing of fraudulent checks, which were ultimately presented to multiple bank locations and different branches in the Lynchburg, Amherst, and Bedford areas.

Two possible suspects have been identified. Based on the information, it appears at least one individual has orchestrated the manufacturing of the fraudulent bank notes and obtained several thousand dollars by using other subjects to pass the checks in their name.

At this time we are attempting to make businesses aware of the recent larcenies, so they may make arrangements other than relying on traditional mailing of checks, especially if the checks will be left in a mailbox or otherwise overnight. The Sheriff’s Office is also asking any local banks or business establishments to assist law enforcement by making us aware if anyone appears to be cashing a suspicious check.

The male suspect believed to be manufacturing the fraudulent checks has been reported to be an African American male, in his 30’s, operating either a white Ford SUV, or black Ford SUV; both described as smaller to mid-size vehicles.  Another African American male with glasses and an African American female, both in their 30’s, have been seen driving the vehicles mentioned above.

If any situation similar to these past complaints is observed in your bank or business locations; we recommend notifying your local law enforcement agency immediately to aid in the identification of these subjects.