Stanley Goldsmith has retired from the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, effectively immediately. Goldsmith has represented the Altavista District for the last 10 years. Board members will consider naming an interim replacement at next week’s meeting, and they will seek a special election in November.

From Campbell County:  After 10 years of dedicated service, the Honorable Stanley I. Goldsmith (Altavista District) announced his retirement from the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, via a letter to Board Chairman, Mr. Eddie Gunter, effective August 1, 2018. Elected in 2008, Goldsmith brought a decade of leadership and governmental knowledge, with a collective career of nearly 60 years in various public service roles.  Drawing from 20 years in military service in the Army (where he ranked as Lieutenant Colonel), combined with his 20 year tenure as Altavista Town Manager and 6 years supporting Region 2000’s economic development efforts, his insights to the Board were offered with objectivity and a keen sense of  practicality and logic. Goldsmith’s dry humor and ability to see various sides to complex issues often brought balance to difficult topics and decisions. In addition to his service on the Board of Supervisors, Goldsmith also represented Campbell County and his constituents on various committees as well as his community in numerous civic groups and organizations.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Goldsmith for these many years,” said Board Chairman, Eddie Gunter (Concord District). “In each Board matter and each decision made, you could always count on Stan for a genuine and non-political approach to understanding the facts and finding practical solutions. It was clear he always had the best intentions for Campbell County at heart. It’s been an honor serving with him and we extend our best wishes and blessings to him in retirement.”

Campbell County Administrator, Frank Rogers, expressed the value and impact of Mr. Goldsmith’s presence on the Board. “Mr. Goldsmith has been a remarkable public servant over the course of his career.   In all things, he was collegial with fellow Board members; supportive of staff; respectful and responsible to the citizens of the County and Altavista.  Mr. Goldsmith had an unwavering willingness to consider divergent perspectives and seek compromise in an effort to find mutually beneficial solutions.  He brought dignity, humility and professionalism to every task.  On behalf of the staff, I congratulate Mr. Goldsmith on his many years of service and extend our heartfelt gratitude for all he has done for our community.”

The Code of Virginia dictates the process for filling vacant Board seats (Code of Virginia – § 24.2-228. Interim appointment to local governing body or elected school board; elected mayor;   Code of VA § 24.2-226. Election to Fill Vacancy).  The Board will discuss options provided under code at their August 7 meeting and petition the Circuit Court for a special election for the Altavista district Board seat on the November 6 ballot.

“Each and every member of the Board and County Staff are very professional and very capable and I have been blessed to be able to serve with you all.” said Goldsmith at the conclusion of his letter.

A public recognition of Mr. Goldsmith’s service and achievements in local government are slated for later in the year.