A new program seeks to help beautify Campbell County.  The ‘Keep Campbell County Beautiful‘ awareness program will feature opportunities for locals to help take care of various roadways and parks in Campbell County.    Citizens and groups can volunteer for “Green Teams” , which Campbell County will pair with areas that have higher litter volume.    Each team will receive the  needed safety equipment and supplies.

Here is the entire news release from Campbell County:

CCVADPER Launch Anti-Litter CAMPBELL COUNTY LAUNCHES ANTI-LITTER CAMPAIGN TO TAKE THE PLEDGE FOR A CLEANER, GREENER COUNTY   RUSTBURG, VA – Whether intentionally put there or blown from vehicles on the way to collection sites, every community has pockets of unsightly trash. Campbell County is proud to officially announce the beginning of a program for local residents, organizations, civic groups, and businesses to be part of the solution – not the pollution. Initially launched in February, the ‘Keep Campbell County Beautiful‘ awareness program is a joint endeavor with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Keep Virginia Beautiful effort to engage and unite residents and visitors to improve our natural and scenic environment.  

Campbell County’s program features a variety of opportunities for locals to show their care for various roadways, parks, neighborhoods, greenways, waterways and trails throughout the locality, including two county-sponsored activities, which can be done by individuals or civic organizations.

“Those interested may visit our website where we invite them to take the ‘Give Us 5′ Pledge’ –  five feet, five minutes for five days –  to help clean up areas near their homes, places of business,  or areas they simply frequent, said Beth Worth, Organizational Relations and Marketing Specialist. “Sometimes the smallest actions have the largest impact, especially when it is consistent.”

Citizens may also register to volunteer themselves or their civic group  to ‘Be Green – Volunteer for a Green Team’, groups consisting of volunteers who wish to help keep Campbell County clean, continue to make significant contributions to improving the aesthetic character of our community. Campbell County will pair teams to areas of the County that may see higher litter volume, and provide each team with the needed safety equipment and supplies through the VDOT program.  

“These individuals are dedicated to maintaining Campbell County as a location of choice for residents, visitors and businesses by removing eyesores such as trash and debris from our greenways and roadways,” said Worth. 

“The Green Teams are an essential part of our efforts to help citizens maintain safe and clean communities by working alongside roadways to properly dispose of litter, trash and debris,” said Clif Tweedy, Director of Public Works.  “Due to the large size and the number of major highways within our borders, there are several areas that have been identified as areas in need.  Green Teams are free to organize weekend clean-ups with Campbell County support to help keep their communities clean and litter free. As scheduling allows, our Public Works crews may assist the clean-ups by removing the bags of collected trash and litter, typically the day following the event.”

According to the most recent litter study performed by Keep Virginia Beautiful, the average American produces five pounds of trash each day. Some of that trash winds up on the nation’s roadways, costing more than $11.5 billion annually to clean up.

The Keep Campbell County Beautiful program will work with youth, individuals, businesses, faith-based groups, environmental groups and other agencies to discourage motorists from tossing trash along roadsides.  From outreach activities, to an educational campaign, the program leaders will encourage County residents to secure their loads in order to prevent fly-away trash when hauling to landfill/collection sites, properly dispose of waste, and take proactive ideas and measures to recycle. The Campbell County Department of Public and Employee Relations will lead this community outreach effort, in cooperation with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and VDOT staff.  

“Our county is so beautiful and scenic, and we are all fortunate to live, work and play here. As such, we believe this to be a shared responsibility, so we can work together to end littering, improve recycling and beautify our community.  Much of this is through awareness, education and action” notes Worth.  “Removing litter is only part of the solution; maintaining a cleaner, greener Campbell County is up to us.”

For more information on the campaign, visit Keep Campbell County Beautiful | Campbell County, VA or contact the Campbell County Department of Public and Employee Relations at 434-332-9818 or PER@campbellcounty.gov.