Campbell County Adult Detention Center is temporarily closing due to rising COVID-19 cases. The Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority says nearly 120 inmates will be transferred from Campbell County to other facilities within the jail authority. The nearly 30 employees working at the detention center will be temporarily transferred to other facilities to help in their day-to-day operations. 

The detention center isn’t saying when it will reopen. Another jail within the region. The Bedford Adult Detention Center closed last month because of a high number of COVID cases. Its 77 inmates and 37 staff were transferred elsewhere. 

Here is the entire news release from the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority:

February 4, 2022
Kristen Borak, Communications Manager
PO Box 6078
Lynchburg, VA 24505
(434) 847-3100 ext. 1224
(434) 215-4472 (cell)
For Immediate Release: Campbell County Adult Detention Center to temporarily close
The Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority has made the decision to temporarily close Campbell County
Adult Detention Center (CCADC). As with the Bedford Adult Detention Center closing, the recent rises
in positive COVID-19 cases within our regions and safe housing of incarcerated individuals within the
facilities that BRRJA serves* remains a challenge. In order to maintain the safety and security of the
inmates and staff, while prioritizing COVID-19 protocols, roughly 120 inmates housed at CCADC will
be transferred to other facilities within the Authority. CCADC currently employs approximately 30
staff. The majority of the staff that supports CCADC will be temporarily transferred to assist the other
facilities with daily operations. The necessity for CCADC closure lies within staffing limitations in
accordance to strict CDC guidelines for correctional facilities. Due to the extended quarantine times for
direct exposures, minimum staffing becomes challenging.
For security reasons, the time frame of transfers, as well as specified locations will not be released at this
time. For now, it is unknown when CCADC will reopen. BRRJA administration staff, along with
medical staff, will continue to consult with the Virginia Department of Health on best practices for
correctional facilities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within our facility and the communities that
are served. Joshua Salmon, BRRJA Administrator, assures Sheriff Clark, Campbell County Sheriff’s
Office and Virginia State Police, as well as the residents of Campbell County that this will have a
minimal effect on their daily routines.
*BRRJA is responsible for a total of five facilities, which include the Bedford Adult Detention Center,
Lynchburg Adult Detention Center, Amherst County Adult Detention Center, Campbell County Adult
Detention Center, and Halifax County Adult Detention Center.