RUSTBURG, VA – On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, through internal social media intelligence efforts, became aware of an apparatus on display appearing to resemble a noose in the Concord area of the locality.  While staff did not receive any calls pertaining to this concern, as the residence is visible from the highway, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office immediately responded with an investigation.

To resolve the issue expediently, deputies communicated with the resident on the matter and its’ public perception. During conversation with law enforcement, the resident conveyed the item in question was a seasonal prop for Halloween, which had not yet been removed (along with other seasonal items on the property), and there was no intention on their part to create any community upset. The resident immediately removed the apparatus. The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office remains dedicated to hearing and responding to the concerns of the people we serve, and preserving peace in our communities.