Fire-ImageBedford County fire investigators say they still don’t know for sure what started a destructive fire last month at Central Virginia Pallet and Stake — and they are unlikely to ever know. It burned for more than two weeks before burning itself out. But the county fire marshal says there is nothing suspicious; the two most likely causes being sparks from a cutting tool or an electrical problem.

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The investigation of last month’s fire at Central Virginia Pallet and Stake, Inc., located at 2337 Centerville Road, Bedford, has been completed. The first started on April 23rd and burned for more than two weeks before it burned itself out after considerable area rainfall. The exact fire cause remains undetermined due to the extensive damage that resulted. It was determined by Bedford County Fire Marshal John Jennings that the two mostly ignition sources were either sparks produced by the cutting of rebar with a saw or an electrical fault. There were no indications that aroused suspicious concerning the fire.  Gusty winds and low humidity aided the the rapid development of the fire. The property was not insured.