Centra’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee will oversee prescriptions of Ivermectin within the hospital.  The drug is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic agent, but Centra says there’s no robust scientific data that it combats COVID-19.  Until now, providers could prescribe Ivermectin drug without any review process, but Centra now says due to concerns around inappropriate use of this drug, the committee will approve or deny prescriptions for hospital patients on a case- by- case basis. 

Here is the statement from Centra:

We understand there has been an increased local interest in the prescribing of
Ivermectin, after Centra’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee issued a
statement to the medical community this week regarding prescriptions for this
treatment. In the past, providers could prescribe this drug, without any review process,
but due to concerns around inappropriate use of this drug, locally and nationally, the
P&T Committee felt there needed to be an oversight review process. Currently, there
are no clinical trials or robust scientific data that supports using this drug to combat
COVID-19. In fact, the CDC, FDA and Ivermectin manufacturers have released
positions not recommending this as a COVID-19 treatment. Until there is significant
data around its safety and effectiveness, prescriptions for Ivermectin will be reviewed,
approved or denied, on an ad hoc basis.
If a request comes to the P&T Committee, it will go through an expedited
consideration process. The P&T Committee has hospital oversight only. The P&T
committee will change their stance if/when clinical trial data says otherwise.