The Central Virginia health District announced today that it has entered into  Phase 1c of COVID 19 vaccine distribution.   That means more people deemed “essential workers” can be vaccinated, including those in the energy and construction industries, food service, college faculty and staff, media and legal professions, and hairdressers and barbers.

Health officials say they will continue to vaccinate  people in the 1b category while incorporating 1c candidates.

If you can be  vaccinated in Phase 1c, visit

Here is the entire news release from the Central Virginia Health District:

For More Information, Contact:
Dr. Lindsey Cawood, Public Information Officer & Population Health Manager, Central Virginia Health District, Lindsey.Cawood@VDH.Virginia.Gov, (434) 477-5908
(LYNCHBURG, V.A.)—Central Virginia Health District (CVHD) entered COVID-19 vaccination Phase 1c today. The transition was made following “statements from our central office, feedback from major vaccinators in the district, and our own internal analyses,” said CVHD Health Director Kerry Gateley, MD, MPH.
While Phase 1b opened vaccination eligibility to frontline essential workers in prioritized industries, Phase 1c further expands vaccination to other essential workers and/or those at higher risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Essential workers now eligible to be vaccinated include those from the following industries:
• Energy
• Water, wastewater, and waste removal (includes recycling removal)
• Housing and construction
• Food service
• Transportation and logistics
• Institutions of higher education (faculty and staff only)
• Finance
• Information technology & communication
• Media
• Legal services
• Public safety (including engineers)
• Other public health workers
• Barbers, stylists, and hairdressers
“It’s important to remember that we don’t vaccinate 100% of individuals in one phase before moving to the next,” said Dr. Gateley. “In practice, the transition is smoother and longer than an abrupt change. We’ll still be using the 1b list to fill appointments with 1b individuals as much as we can, but moving forward, we’ll be incorporating 1c candidates when we can’t get enough 1b folks in a timely fashion.”
“As we begin to near the end of our 1b list, we’ve been encountering increasing numbers of individuals who’ve already been vaccinated,” said Public Information Officer and Population Health Manager Lindsey Cawood, DHSc, MPH. “By slowly incorporating 1c individuals into our scheduling process,” Dr. Cawood continued, “we ensure that we continue to vaccinate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.”
Residents seeking to be vaccinated in Phase 1c should go to and click “Sign Up” to verify their eligibility and complete the pre-registration form. Those unable to complete the form online may call the VDH call center, at 877-VAX-IN-VA (877-829-4682).