Steve Biggs

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (AP) – A Virginia town manager who apparently shot himself in the head after an hours-long standoff with police had an emergency protective order issued against him last month. Court documents show that a 23-year-old woman obtained a 3-day protective order in March against Christiansburg Town Manager Steve Biggs, 53. The woman said in her complaint that Biggs harassed her and told her he loved her. The protective order was first reported by The Roanoke Times. Biggs, who is married with three children, denied the woman’s claims in interviews with the newspaper last week and on Monday. He said he was in a friendly relationship with her and had provided her financial help, but never threatened her. The judge denied the woman’s subsequent request for another protective order, finding there was no credible threat. State police also investigated and turned findings over to the county prosecutor, who found no probable cause for a charge of stalking or some other crime.