Four women say that Alabama politician Roy Moore pursued them as teenagers while he was in his 30’s. WLNI’s Lillian Boyd has more on the Virginia candidate for US Senate who doesn’t believe it.

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One of those women says in 1979 she was 14 years old when Moore drove her to a secluded area and touched her inappropriately. The other women tell The Washington Post they were between the ages of 16 and 18 when Moore pursued relationships with them. Congressional hopeful Corey Stewart says he does not judge Roy Moore. He took to Facebook Live late last week.

“There’s no way to prove it, they didn’t prove it.  But you’re presumed guilty? That’s not right. Innocent until proven guilty in this country. Innocent until proven guilty. Until there’s proof, I don’t believe it.” said Stewart.

Stewart drew suspicion for the timing of this story breaking.

“You don’t think it’s a little bit curious that his is coming out just a couple weeks before his general election? Hmm, you think that’s a coincidence?” Stewart said.

Moore has denied the claims, calling them a desperate political attack by the National Democratic Party and The Washington Post. Lillian Boyd. WLNI News.