COVID numbers are dropping at Lynchburg General Hospital.  The hospital has 94 total patients, down from 120 on Monday, which had marked the highest volume seen during this surge.   Centra officials say they are hopeful numbers will continue to decline this week.   They say staffing continues to be a challenge, with high demands on hospital bed capacity as well as increasing number of furloughs of caregivers for COVID. 

Here is more information from Centra Health:

Centra Updates for September 22, 2021
• Centra’s inpatient COVID census for 09.22.21:
o 105 total patients: 16 are fully vaccinated, 21 ICU level patients, 18 are ventilated
o 94 Lynchburg General Hospital
o 11 Southside Community Hospital
• Units currently devoted to COVID: Versatile Acuity Unit (COVID Unit), pulmonary, oncology, surgical,
• Sadly, we have seen 41 deaths in the month of September.
• We have seen our COVID census fluctuate this week. On Monday, September 20th we peaked at 120
COVID positive inpatients at Lynchburg General Hospital, marking the highest volume seen during this
surge. As a reminder, in January 2021, we topped out at 131 at Lynchburg General Hospital. We remain
hopeful we will continue to see our numbers decline this week. Historically, when COVID cases begin to
drop, they drop dramatically.
• Dominating these numbers are still the unvaccinated. Demographics (age, comorbidities, etc.) also
continue to fluctuate. Overall, we are seeing younger populations than pre-delta variant waves, but with
an increase over the last week in 30–59-year-olds. We are still seeing declines in patients with
preexisting comorbidities.
• We remain challenged by staffing throughout Centra, with high demands on our hospital bed capacity as
well as increasing number of furloughs of caregivers for COVID.
• The COVID dashboard is posted on the Centra website for our communities to stay apprised of daily
COVID inpatient numbers. The dashboard is updated daily between 10:30-11am after morning report
out. Visit to view the daily dashboard.
• We are partnering with our Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance and EMS colleagues to address
continued community spread and safety. They will be issuing a press release tomorrow regarding this
ongoing work