The company that wanted to bring a controversial halfway house to Goode has withdrawn its application for a special use permit.   Sobrius Curae wanted to use a house on Lowry Road to treat 16 recovering addicts.  Earlier this month, more than 100 residents turned to oppose the project over concerns about safety and its proximity to Otter River Elementary School. Bedford County planners voted against the project, but supervisors would have had the final say. Officials say it’s unlikely the developer will re-apply for the special use permit.  

Here is more from Bedford County:

Applicant Withdraws Request for Special Use Permit for Drug Treatment Center

(Bedford, VA)—The Bedford County Department of Community Development has received a withdrawal letter from Sobrius Curae, LLC, the company that applied for a special use permit for a drug treatment center or “halfway house” in Goode.

According to Community Development Director Jordan Mitchell, this special use permit is no longer an active project under consideration. Mitchell also says, based on conversations with the applicant, it does not appear this project will be resubmitted in the future.

Sobrius wanted to establish a halfway house on Lowry Road in Goode that would offer a 30-day treatment program for individuals who are trying to overcome additions. Their application said 16 residents could stay at the facility at one time.

At the Planning Commission meeting on May 2, approximately 110 citizens attended a public hearing about the special use permit. Most spoke out against the plans, citing concerns about safety and the facility’s close proximity to Otter River Elementary School.

In a 4-2 vote, the Planning Commission recommended a denial of the special use permit. If the applicant had not withdrawn, the Board of Supervisors would have ultimately made the final decision about the project in June.