wlni-defaultFrom the City of Lynchburg: On Monday, August 1, the Parking Ambassadors will move away from the warnings and will be issuing expired meter parking tickets to vehicles that do not have time registered with the pay stations.  Patrons will need to make sure that they visit the pay stations to get their free time or to pay for additional parking time. Parking tickets for not having time on the meter carry a $20 fine.  Approximately six months ago, the City of Lynchburg introduced an on-street paid parking pilot program for downtown.  The purpose of the program was to better manage parking in the 1200 block of downtown to create parking space turnover that would ensure customers have close and convenient parking for shopping and conducting business.  The 1200 block was chosen due to the high traffic generated by the Lynchburg Community Market and the concentration of other small shops and businesses. The pilot program consisted of the installation of new parking pay stations in the 1200 block of Main Street.  Pay stations were also installed in the Community Marketing parking lot to assist in creating an effective pilot program for the on-street paid parking. Since the pay stations have been in operation, Parking Ambassadors have distributed information to motorists about the paid parking program.  During this time, a grace period for parking meter violations has been in effect.  Parking Ambassadors have been issuing warnings to vehicles without time on the meter to remind visitors to make sure that they visit the pay stations. “We wanted to be sure that patrons knew about the paid parking program and had time to understand how to use the new pay stations before we began issuing tickets,” said Parking Manager Dave Malewitz.

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Patrons at the Lynchburg Community Market can now stay for FREE longer and pay less in hourly parking fees.  According to Parking Manager Dave Malewitz, motorists will now be able to park at the Lynchburg Community Market for one free hour instead of the previous 30 minutes of free time.  Anyone wishing to park beyond the one free hour will also see a reduction in rates for hourly parking.

After the first free hour, patrons pay the following:

$.50……………………… 2nd hour
$1.00……………………. 3rd hour
$2.00……………………. Per hour, each additional hour

When parking at the Community Market, motorists should make note of their license plate number and visit one of the two parking stations.  The pay station is easy to operate by pressing the start button and then following the on-screen prompts.  Be sure to enter your license plate number even if you are only staying for the first free hour.  If you plan to stay beyond the free hour as permitted, additional parking time can be easily added by inserting your payment with coins or a debit/credit card.

Paid parking at the Community Market is in effect Monday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.