The 5th District Republican Committee has released a list of eight people who have so far expressed an interest in being nominated this weekend to replace Congressman Tom Garrett on the fall ballot. To this point at least, State Senator Bill Stanley is not among them. The nominee will be selected Saturday at Nelson County High School.

From the Fifth Congressional District Chairman: I want to give this update with information relative to the upcoming Fifth Congressional District Committee meeting to select a replacement nominee for the November Congressional election, current as of this morning, Thursday, May 31st.

At present, I have received inquiry or declaration from the following individuals, listed in no particular order: Joe Whited, Denver Riggleman, Martha Boneta, Michael Del Rosso, Michael Webert, Bryce Reeves, Dale Woodson, and Jim McKelvey. I will release more information as it becomes available.

Last night, the Executive Committee, which is composed of our officers, State Central members, and 3 at-large members, met via a 2 hour and 45 minute conference call. The discussion was wide ranging to address the myriad of details pertinent to conducting a successful meeting to be held on Saturday, June 2nd, commencing at 10:00 a.m. The location for the meeting will be the auditorium of the Nelson County High School, 6919 Thomas Nelson Hwy. (US 29 south bound side), Lovingston, VA 22949.

I want to stress that this is an open, public meeting and the press is encouraged to attend. However, I point out that this is not a convention. The only people that will be permitted to speak are members of the Fifth Congressional District Committee or their proxies, candidates present for nomination at this meeting, appointed officials to conduct the meeting, or individuals recognized by the Chairman during the course of the meeting.

The Executive Committee approved a budget and developed a “Call to Meeting”, which will be reviewed this morning and released this evening. The proposed Rules were tweaked after extensive review from the RPV General Counsel and upon receiving new information pertinent to conducting a special meeting to select a replacement nominee.

Melvin Adams, Chairman