In anticipation of the holiday season, Lynchburg Water Resources (LWR) and Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) have partnered to encourage citizens to properly dispose of and recycle cooking oils and grease by giving away free grease disposal kits that can be used to contain the drippings from holiday meals and return to water providers for sustainable disposal.
One of the biggest issues in local sewer systems is the buildup of fats, oils, and grease in the sewer pipes. When these ingredients are poured down the drain, they solidify in the sewer pipes, mixing with non-flushable items (like wet wipes and shop rags) and create fatbergs that block the sewer lines and cause costly and unsafe overflows into backyards, forests, and streams.
“A big gift that citizens can give themselves, the community, and the environment this holiday season is to properly dispose of fats, oil, and grease. By keeping those items out of the pipes, customers will end up saving money by not having costly sewer backups. This also helps save the environment from untreated wastewater spilling out of backed-up pipes,” said Megan Pittman, Director of Administration for the BRWA.
To help keep our community pipes clean and our environment safe, Lynchburg Water Resources and Bedford Regional Water Authority are partnering to hand out free at-home grease collection kits. The collected grease will then be recycled into an environmentally-friendly biofuel.
“These kits provide our community with the information and tools they need to protect our infrastructure and environment, right at the kitchen sink. We encourage the community to practice proper grease disposal methods during the holiday season and year-round,” said Tim Mitchell, Director of LWR.
The free grease collection kits include a funnel, can lid, sponge, dish scraper, and informational hand-outs on how to use the items and how to properly dispose of the grease. The kits will be available at a variety of locations thanks to community partnerships with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation, the Lynchburg Community Market, Bedford County Waste Management, and Bedford Christian Ministries.
Citizens can pick up at home recycling kits at the following locations during open hours, unless otherwise noted:
• Lynchburg Community Market (during the holiday season)
• Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Neighborhood Centers (year-round)
• Templeton Center (year-round)
• Lynchburg College Hill Water Treatment Plant (year-round)
• Lynchburg Regional Water Resources Recovery Facility (24/7 year-round)
• Bedford Regional Water Authority Administration Building (year-round)
• Bedford Regional Water Authority Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Facility (during the holiday season)
• Bedford Christian Ministries (kit pick-up only – during the holiday season)
To recycle cooking oil and grease throughout the holiday season (and year-round), simply drop off sealed containers in the designated drop-off containers during regular business hours at any of the locations above.
For more information about “Enjoy the Feast, Recycle the Grease,” visit:
• www.lynchburgva.gov/enjoy-feast-recycle-grease
• www.brwa.com/your-brwa/environment-innovation/grease-fats-recycling-frog/
About the Bedford Regional Water Authority:
The Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) provides water and wastewater services to the residents and businesses in Bedford County and the Town of Bedford; additionally, the BRWA partners with the Western Virginia Water Authority to serve customers surrounding Smith Mountain Lake in both Bedford and Franklin County. Visit www.brwa.com for further information.
About Lynchburg Water Resources: Lynchburg Water Resources (LWR) ensures that Lynchburg residents enjoy an uninterrupted supply of quality drinking water, reliable sewer service, and proper stormwater management. The mission of Lynchburg Water Resources is to promote the life, health and prosperity of our community. Visit www.lynchburgva.gov/waterresources for more information.