Chris Faraldi- FB photo

(News release) This afternoon at Fort Early in Lynchburg, Councilman Turner Perrow announced his desire to step down from Lynchburg City Council and endorse his replacement. “It has been a rewarding and humbling experience to represent Ward IV for the past 12 years. In doing so, I have taken a pragmatic approach based on my conservative principles as to how the city is best run.” said Councilman Perrow.

“As I step down, I can think of no one better to continue representing Ward IV than Chris Faraldi. Chris lives in the Fort Hill area and has been engaged with the business community throughout his career. He has a passion for the work, to get into the details, and contribute to solving our city’s problems. He’s young and energetic, bringing new ideas representing the changing demographics in Ward IV, founded on his conservative principles. I know he will support our public safety personal, fight to keep taxes low, promote economic development, and continue to support our quality of life. Chris understands that strategic investment in our infrastructure promotes long term economic expansion funding the city’s future needs without raising taxes” he said.

“Chris will do well on City Council, and I heartily endorse him for the seat. I regret that I cannot be there in person to support his campaign announcement, but I am certainly there to support you in spirit. He has my full endorsement I and thank him for the courage to step into the public arena” he said.

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination to serve on Lynchburg City Council as the representative of Ward IV,” said Chris Faraldi. “Our campaign will be one that seeks to bring City Council Conservative Principles; prioritize our Public Safety; Financial Accountability; a devotion to Economic Development; and, an attentive ear. With my legislative experience at the local, state, and federal level, as well as a diverse private sector background, we believe this campaign will be very successful and excite the voters of Ward IV.”

The campaign has filed the proper paperwork and other requirements with the Lynchburg City Republican Party and is excited to earn their nomination. Early campaign endorsements include Councilman Turner Perrow and Jeff Helgeson, Former Congressman Bob Goodlatte, President Garren of the University of Lynchburg, Former Lynchburg City Republican Party Chair Brian Triplett, Delegate Wendell Walker, Cham Light of the Lynchburg Planning Commission, Karl Miller, George Caylor, and Curt Diemer.