UPDATE from Campbell County: Those in the Gladys and Altavista areas of Campbell County who need emergency 911 service should call Public Safety’s non-emergency number(s) at: 434-283-9574; 434-332-9574; or 434-592-9574 or call 911 on their mobile devices.  At this time 911 landline service is disrupted in those areas due to a cut fiber optic line. Crews are working to locate and repair the problem.

Previous from Campbell County: Rustburg, VA – Campbell County Department of Public Safety has received information that due to a cut in the fiber optic line, individuals in the Altavista and Gladys areas of the locality are experiencing difficulty when dialing 9-1-1 for service needs, and have been unable to connect to dispatch via landline. Citizens that are experiencing difficulty are advised to use your mobile devices until connections are restored. Thank you.