TSA photo
TSA photo

The Transportation Security Administration says a Forest man was arrested at Lynchburg Regional Airport this morning after TSA officers caught him with a loaded .45 caliber gun at the airport’s security checkpoint. This is the third time since mid-April that a Lynchburg passenger has been stopped for bringing a weapon in his carry-on luggage. The TSA says the gun was loaded with eight rounds of ammunition, including one in the chamber. The administration’s news release does not identify the man arrested.

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From The Transportation Security Administration:  Two Virginia men were arrested this morning (June 6) after TSA officers at two airports detected guns in the carry-on bags of the passengers. This took place one day after TSA reported that it stopped a record 18 guns at checkpoints nationwide on Thursday (June 5)—the most ever detected at checkpoints in one day.

A Chesterfield, VA, man was arrested by police after Transportation Security Administration officers stopped him at Richmond International Airport checkpoint with a .22 caliber gun loaded with two rounds plus an additional 12 rounds of loose ammunition. A Forest, VA, resident was arrested by Lynchburg Airport Police after TSA officers caught him with a loaded .45 caliber gun at the checkpoint at Lynchburg Regional Airport. That gun was loaded with eight rounds of ammunition including one in the chamber.

 In both instances, as the men were passing through the airport checkpoints, the TSA officer who was staffing the checkpoint X-ray machine detected the guns inside the travelers carry-on bags as they passed along the conveyor belt.  TSA officers contacted the local police who responded to the checkpoints, confiscated both firearms and arrested the men on weapons charges. Preliminary indications are that the incidents are not related.