Michael A. Wood, Jr. (photo provided)
Michael A. Wood, Jr.
(photo provided)

A Bedford County man is charged with attempted abduction, three counts of assault and battery, as well as other charges, after several incidents on Monday. The Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of the attempted abduction and assault of a 13-year-old boy at a bus stop in Forest. While on that call, dispatchers received two other calls about the assault of a man and assault of a woman, both at Westwood Apartments in Forest. Deputies identified the suspect in all three incidents as Michael A. Wood Jr., 48, who also lives at Westwood Apartments. He’s being held without bond. He’s due in court Monday.

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Bedford County Sheriff’s Office


September 12, 2014

At 8:22 a.m. Monday September 8, 2014, Bedford County sheriff’s deputies responded to Jane Randolph Street in Forest after receiving a call from a mother who reported that her 13 year old son had returned home from his bus stop. He told her that a white male in a silver or gold car had approached him at the bus stop, stuck a metal object in his stomach and tried to get him into his vehicle. While responding to the call on Jane Randolph Street, Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a call from a female at Westwood Apartments, who reported a white male had tried to attack her with a metal flash light. Dispatchers received another call, a third call, from a male, who reported that a white male had assaulted him with a flash light in the parking lot of Westwood Apartments. He was able to take the flash light away from the suspect and the suspect ran into an apartment, not the suspect’s. During this altercation the suspect stuck the victim’s vehicle several times with the flash light. Due to similar descriptions of the suspect, it was quickly determined that the suspect in the attempted abduction was the same white male that attempted to assault the male and female at the apartments. Deputies were able to identify the suspect as Michael A. Wood Jr., age 48, who lived in Apt. 502 Westwood Apartments. After searching the area deputies located and arrested Michael Wood at 8:51 a.m. He was charged with abduction, three counts of assault and battery, destruction of private property and trespassing.

Wood was transported to the Bedford Adult Detection Center and is being held on no bond.

Release prepared by Major Ricky Gardner