Today’s Big 3: Stimulus bill, CDC guidelines updated for those who have taken the vaccine, & NY Gov Cuomo sexual harassment inquiry

6 AM Hour: Listeners weigh in on the stimulus package and the royal family & we celebrate Barbie and meatballs (among other things)! In local news: a turkey truck turned over on a 460 ramp

7 AM Hour: Drive-thrus want to guess your next order & #cancelculture is coming for the Looney Tunes (again)! #PoorPepeLePew

8 AM Hour: Movie critic Mike Mayo discusses “I Care A Lot” and “Coming 2 America” & previews the Critics Choice Awards. Gen Z is coming for Eminem (does Shady even care?), what your coffee habits say about you. We also talk about Biden’s naughty dogs & cow snuggling

WLNI · The Morningline 03/09/21