Today’s Big 3: More sexual assault allegations against NY Gov Cuomo, stimulus bill updates, and Governor Northam’s press conference on COVID & parole board controversy

6 AM Hour: Listeners continue to weigh in on the sad, sad lives of Meghan & Harry, and we celebrate Mario and lunch boxes (a walk down memory lane)

7 AM Hour: Parole board controversy in the VA governor’s office, Nick Kessler with Kubota of Lynchburg talks Spring mowing season and their upcoming Open House Field Day, and the hazing death of a VCU student

8 AM Hour: Lynchburg Fire Chief Greg Wormser & Battalion Chief Kenny Turner talk about recent rescues along the Appalachian Trail as well as TJ Vaxx (Lynchburg’s local vaccination efforts). Andre Whitehead, heard live on 105.9 WLNI each Sunday at 8 AM, discusses Governor Northam’s recent press conference and the death of a Gloucester woman after taking a COVID-19 vaccine

WLNI · The Morningline 03/10/21