Big 3: Biden’s open borders, unruly Spring breakers arrested in Miami, the great Lynchburg horse chase

6 AM Hour: How’s your bracket doing? Also, we celebrate West Virginia & goofing off (yes, let the jokes ensue!). What’s funnier – a man falling from a horse or a president falling up the steps of Air Force One?

7 AM Hour: Who is Brian Kilmeade referring to as a ‘clown’? He talks Cuomo vs. Biden (so take your pick), Norm Leahy with the Washington Post talks lawsuits against the Northam administration over COVID-19 restrictions, and the difference of media coverage in light of Biden’s recent fall

8 AM Hour: A Lynchburg man led police on a chase downtown only to fall from his horse and be struck by a police vehicle, Brian shares a funny story from the show “90-Day Fiancee” and Jenny Jones with Lynchburg Parks & Rec joins Mari & Brian for Plug Away Monday (brought to you by Gentry Locke Attorneys) to talk about the new master plan for the parks & trail system

WLNI · The Morningline 03/22/21