Big 3: Boulder market mass shooting, Lynchburg homicides on the rise in 2021, and the EIB announces that “Best of” Rush Limbaugh program will continue

6 AM Hour: Fox News’ Griff Jenkins joins the program live from Tijuana amidst border troubles & listeners weigh in on the same

7 AM Hour: Andre Whitehead joins the program to discuss the Lynchburg man who fell off his horse and was struck by a police vehicle and the recent 17th Street homicide; Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Bethany Harrison discusses Gregory Joyner, a man convicted of killing a 15-year-old, soon to be released on parole. On the upside, it’s National Puppy Day!

8 AM Hour: Movie critic Mike Mayo discusses “Norman” – a movie written & directed by a local Lynchburg man; Mike & Elise Rose with Grace Marie Jewelry and Design share how they can help you with the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or graduation; and Joel Guelzo, a local man who spent 9 years making the movie “Norman” discusses the process with Mari & Brian

WLNI · The Morningline 03/23/21