Big 3: TJ Vaxx (our local vaccine distribution center) now has a phone you can call, kids in cages, and last night’s Lynchburg City Council meeting

6 AM Hour: we discuss Tucker Carlson’s “weird interview” with Matt Gaetz, listeners weigh in on what Biden should rename his dog to, and we celebrate manatees, taters, prom (maybe?), and somehow Brian’s dead squirrels

7 AM Hour: How do you feel about vaccines being a requirement & vaccine passports to get into certain businesses? What the way you walk says about you, and Brian has a surprise talent. In local news: Lynchburg City Council held a meeting on tax increases last night & local man Zach Sines got the golden ticket to American Idol (which we, regrettably, know nothing about)

8 AM Hour: Lindsey Lockewood CVHD’s population health manager talks about our local vaccine distribution center adding a phone line, we delve more into “vaccine passports” and discuss why Amazon workers want to unionize (has something to do with going #1 in a bottle…)

WLNI · The Morningline 03/31/21