Happy April Fool’s Day!

Big 3: shooting in California, NY beating update, vaccination oopsie!

6 AM Hour: We pose the question: what’s your favorite April Fools Day prank while celebrating the day, sourdough bread, the penny, and BURRITOS!

7 AM: Listeners weigh in on April Fools Day & R600a refrigerant. In local news a judge has thrown out the verdict against Austin Rozdilski in E.C. Glass shooting. People are also protesting naming a school after Obama so we ask if there is ANYONE these days you could name a school after…

8 AM: Grow It! Legalize It! We play a game of the “Do’s & Dont’s” of marijuana legalization in Virginia. Listeners continue to weigh in on their favorite April Fool’s Day pranks & we discuss “Pooch Perfect” a show where you paint your dog to look like a tiger (instead of just getting a cat…)

WLNI · The Morningline 04/01/21