Big 3: Ongoing Chauvin trial, we actually had an Opening Day this year, and more on confederate statues

6 AM Hour: We talked about the birds & the bees (actually, the deer & and the bees). We celebrate Good Friday along with autism awareness, ferrets (so cute!) and PB&J sandwiches

7 AM: It’s time for Would You Rather? have a deer come through your windshield or a backseat full of BEES! Broker with Karl Miller Realty talks about people buying houses with cash and the ongoing seller’s market/housing shortage

8 AM: Misty Vinson-Spitzer with the YMCA of Central Virginia talks about the Storming of Thunder Ridge coming up in may and James Howard with VAU discusses the dog tag memorial at Monument Terrace (it will be there from April 2-9). Scot McCarthy brings us Easter goodies and plugs this week’s “Mind Your Business” – we talk about all of our other Saturday morning offerings as well! Friday Five featured songs with the word “good” in the title (in honor of Good Friday)

Happy Easter everyone!

WLNI · The Morningline: 04/02/21