Big 3 (or 2?): Minneapolis shooting may have been an accident, Lynchburg City Schools sending kids back to in-person classes 4 days a week starting today

6 AM Hour: Brian & Allen debate over the New York Times while discussing favorite movies themes and scores and we celebrate Thomas Jefferson, peach cobbler, Scrabble, and eating our lunch!

7 AM Hour: Listeners continue to weigh in on the Minneapolis shooting and favorite movie scores; Dr. Jeff Widmeyer brings us another Ideal Protein success story in Karl Miller who shares how he needed help taking off the “COVID-20”; Paul shares a story about his son being accosted by the TSA for a replica gun

8 AM: Movie critic Mike Mayo gives his takes on favorited movie scores & gives streaming suggestions from the mid-90s (he also saves you from “French Exit”); every dog has a favorite toy and is Virginia Tech stifling free speech?

WLNI · The Morningline 04/13/21