Big 3: Daunte Wright update, J&J vaccine concerns, and Campbell County has a littering problem

6 AM: Listeners weigh in on the Johnson & Johnson vaccination worries and we celebrate dolphins, ex-spouses, and gardening!

7 AM: Littering has become a real problem with Campbell County and listeners give their take on the situation; Kubota of Lynchburg’s Nick Kessler shares some laughs over Brian’s littering problem and discusses supply challenges & their upcoming Field Day event on April 24; and lastly, a woman is arrested after refusing to return cash due to a clerical error

8 AM: Fire Captain Marty Misjuns joins the program following a social media post of a cartoon to talk about a lawsuit against the city of Lynchburg for civil rights violations & concerns over firefighter pay; listeners weigh in on Misjun’s comments about firefighters & city council; & we discuss condo units being denied in Cornerstone

WLNI · The Morningline 04/14/21