Big 3: Biden withdrawing troops, J&J vaccine update, and Lynchburg real estate tax will stay the same

6 AM: Listeners weigh in on the vaccine & war; we celebrate tax deadline (or lack there of), chest bumps (or high fives), bananas and the Titanic!

7 AM: We update the Daunte Wright shooting and listeners weighed in on whether or not the involved officer is a criminal; In Animals With Ashley we talk about how the longest floof went missing and his children might break his record, Biden’s dog is still naughty, and robodogs aren’t dogs; and the newest banned word issssss…. MISTRESS

8 AM: We try to decide what the modern terms are for “mistress” and we do a giveaway over what you produce 5 lbs of a day; and Mark and Landon Dalton (for some reason) trusted Mari & Brian with the NEW Volkswagen ID.4 electric car – they talked about how you can get your hands on one!

WLNI · The Morningline 04/15/21