Big 3: Maxine Waters troubling statements surrounding the Derek Chauvin case, Virginians over the age of 16 now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and it’s 4/20 Day!

6 AM Hour: Listeners weigh in on Maxine Waters, the Derek Chauvin trial, and the “black/white” jury. We celebrate cheese fries and lima beans! More discussion of the Chauvin trial wraps up the hour, will there be riots regardless of the verdict?

7 AM Hour: Mari, Brian, and listeners continue to dissect the Derek Chauvin trial and remarks made by Maxine Waters. Andre Whitehead joins us live from Minneapolis, MN with an update on the trial.

8 AM Hour: Movie critic Mike Mayo helps us to preview the Oscars. State Farm Agents Chip Harvey & Kim Gardner talk insurance during a pandemic, self-driving cars, and looking into homeowner’s insurance when you make changes to your house.

WLNI · The Morningline 04/20/21