Big 3: Continuing discussions on Biden giving away free things & taxing the rich “their fair share”, North Carolina shooting bodycam footage update, and Beacon of Hope’s Quarn-A-Ment (Cornament!) is underway tonight!

6 AM Hour: Listeners weigh in on Biden’s tax reform; we speculate over why on Earth people are still wearing masks even though they are vaccinated; and we celebrate the Peace Rose, shrimp scampi, zippers, and is that a poem in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

7 AM Hour: Listeners continue to weigh in on Biden’s tax reform measures; State Senator Amanda Chase is running for Governor of Virginia. She joined the program to share her stance on the issues, support from the middle, and her feelings on 2nd Amendment rights

8 AM Hour: Listeners discuss the proposed 5% salary increase for city employees; Elise & Mike Rose with Grace Marie Jewelry share the story behind the jewelry with their customization process, alternatives to wedding bands, etc.; How have you been watching your kids play sports during COVID? and Morningline opponent for Beacon of Hope’s Quarn-A-Ment, Jace from E.C. Glass, joined the program to talk some trash with Tony “the ARM” McAvoy and Brian “Big Wind” Weigand ahead of tonight’s opening round

WLNI · The Morningline 04/29/21